Personal Training Works

Personal Training Works

Making you feel good through exercise...

Personal training works because it tailors fitness programmes to meet an individual’s specific activity requirements and achieve agreed exercise goals.

Through trainer led one on one or group based motivating exercise sessions, time is devoted to you whilst you exercise safely, professionally and effectively either indoors or out at a level to suit you and your abilities.

Brought to you by fully qualified and insured Personal Trainers who confidentially listen to your needs and assess your fitness aspirations and attitudes, personal training works for all levels of exerciser and the many different objectives brought to us.

personal training works because we’re able to advise you on improving many areas affecting your ability to exercise: nutrition, flexibility, core strength, injury prevention and a positive mindset, helping you achieve a healthier active lifestyle, maintaining a healthy body and mind, and taking a new and dynamic approach to exercise and your wellbeing as a whole.

personal training works because we’ll teach you to look at different ways in which to approach various aspects of your fitness in a more positive and effective way.

personal training works because, if you’re new to exercise, or have let your fitness levels fall, we can show you motivating ways to return to fitness, fight fat gain and maintain improved fitness.

personal training works because, if you’re already an experienced exerciser, we can demonstrate ways to improve your performance and avoid the ‘exercise plateau’.

From your choice of food, your time, your attitude, your current fitness levels and your overall well being, we aim to get to know you and your requirements and provide you with a comprehensive programme for making change in the areas of your life you want to target and improve.

Whether you’re someone totally new to exercise, sportsperson looking for improvement, individual in need of new approaches to exercise, highly stressed business executive, parent, person who’d like to tone up or lose weight for a special occasion or just for yourself, personal training works on all levels for all shapes, sizes, abilities and expectations.

To find out more about why ‘personal training works’ please contact Annie on 07854 963335 or email and make your life change today.

Annie Jack, the founder of Personal Training Works and Sports Massage Works is a keen and active sports person. A former Marketing Executive and Naval Officer, Annie has a wide range of experience, knowledge and empathy for individual’s personal health, lifestyle and fitness goals: A fully qualified REPS level 3 Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist and Nutritional adviser, you’ll receive a highly professional service tailored to your abilities, goals and your time by someone who understands people and the issues individuals face in a modern, fast food, fast pace society where there’s significant pressure on our time, finances and our health.